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30 November 2022

What Is The Right Boiler For My Home?

Gas Boiler

Most houses in the UK are fitted with regular gas boilers. If used alongside a hot water cylinder, the gas boiler will heat your home and provide hot water. Installation may not be as easy as the combi boiler due to the requirement of connecting the gas boiler to your gas lines. If you do not currently have gas lines, then this will require further installation costs. However, gas is an efficient natural source of energy which costs less than electricity, if you are also weighing up an electric boiler. If you do opt for a gas boiler, it is important to be aware that they require annual maintenance to ensure they are of safe working order. 

Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are a smaller style of boiler as they do not store hot water. Rather the hot water is ‘on demand’, so you can say goodbye to running out of hot water! However, for this reason while considering a combi boiler, it is important to consider your level of demand for hot water. This is important to take into account as a combi boiler cannot support two hot water appliances at one time, without affecting the other. Such as if you are running two hot taps, one may get cold and lose water pressure. And on the topic of water pressure, we recommend measuring your mains water pressure as the combi boiler will directly source water from the mains supply. However, due to being more compact as the combi boiler is directly connected to the mains, it can be a great space saver as compared to the gas boiler that requires additional parts. Plus, this makes for an easier installation! And due to only heating the water that is needed, this can save you money on your energy bills compared to a traditional gas boiler.

System Boiler

System boilers have a lot in common with the regular gas boiler, they both heat the home and with a hot water cylinder these boilers can also provide hot water. However, as a system boiler has a built in cold water feed and cistern, they do not require these additional bulky external parts. If you are considering installing either a combi or system boiler but have a larger home with a higher demand for hot water then we would recommend a system boiler. This is due to the system boiler having the capacity to provide a greater amount of hot water than a combi boiler. And in terms of installation, the system boiler will be a simpler process than a regular gas boiler as there are less pesky pipes as most equipment is stored within the boiler. 

Boiler Buff

We hope we have provided valuable information when choosing the right boiler for your home and that you feel confident going forward! Additionally, whichever of these boiler types you opt for, we offer installation and surveying as well as service and repairs! If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch and speak to  our friendly team. Additionally, we offer no obligation callouts where a member of our team will visit your property and recommend the best boiler.