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Safety Certificates

Get your Gas Safety inspections carried out by our team of qualified and certified Gas Safe heating engineers from Stoke-on-Trent. A gas safety inspection helps to ensure that your property is gas safe, provides compliance for properties and can also help saves lives by early identification of potential risks and/or leaks.

A boiler Gas Safe Certificate provides confirmation that your appliance was installed, serviced, and maintained by a qualified gas safe heating engineer. So why not get in touch to have your boiler Gas Safe checked and Certified.

What is a gas safety certificate?
and do I need one?

The Gas Safety Certificate was introduced with the increased demand for gas appliances in the home and the frequency of poor-quality installations. The manufacturers of gas boilers and the regulatory board came together to create what is now known as Corgi.

Today, the official body in charge of gas safety is the Gas Safe Register. A governing body for the safe installation of gas boilers and heating services.

The gas safety certificate is a sign-off form from a gas safe registered engineer that has carried out the installation to confirm that it meets the Gas Safe standard.

In conclusion, if you want to ensure the longevity of your boiler, want to adhere to most accepted standards and want peace of mind regarding your boiler; you need to get your boiler Gas Safe registered. 

At Royale Boiler Services all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. They  have also undergone the training to meet the health and safety standards for gas installations, repairs and maintenance.

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