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19 April 2022

How To Make Your Commercial Heating More Efficient?

Effectively managing and maintaining a commercial heating system can produce many problems and/or obstacles. The necessary extra power required to heat a commercial sized building is a potential problem on its own. But if you successfully navigate the potential hurdles the world of commercial heating can throw at you, reaping the benefits can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. 

One such problem any owner or occupier of a commercial will face is; how do I make my heating more efficient?  

So if you have ever thought this way and are currently looking for ways to make your heating more efficient in the buildup to your next commercial boiler service; we have got a few pointers to share with you. 

Conceal The Energy Inside

Some experts advise that up to 15% escapes through open windows, doors or any other air passages to the outside. As such, we recommend closing the windows and doors wherever possible. 

Additionally, you might want to consider concealing any cracks that are allowing air to escape. This crack might occur in windows, any other form of glass or even old and weakened plastic boards. 

Simplify Your Task 

When considering heating an entire open plan office or even a factory floor; heating the whole area can seem like quite a task. This is why it is much more helpful to break down heating the area into sections. 

For example, if you have a full office, start by heating the different sections first. If your office is not broken into specific areas already, divide the areas yourself ensuring not to overwork your commercial heating system in the process. 

Additionally, dividing your task into sections can be extremely useful when it comes to adjusting which area or rooms get supplied with more heating. If an area or section which is not used as frequently, the area does not probably need as much heating. This rings especially true for properties or other forms of commercial buildings that are heated year round. 

Adopt A Consistent Approach 

When heating your commercial building, there is little to no point of drastically fluctuating the temperatures for different rooms or during certain times of the day. 

Statistically speaking, constantly changing the temperature will have a direct impact on your energy. Unsurprisingly, it will make it more expensive. This is why adopting a more consistent approach is much more beneficial. You should try installing a thermostat and furthermore, change the temperature so the heating system remains as consistent as possible. 

Time For An Upgrade? 

Every owner of a commercial building was an efficient commercial boiler. While there are many ways to improve the overall efficiency of your boiler, which include an annual service and quick and efficient commercial boiler repair, arguably the most effective way to ensure your industrial heating’s efficiency is by upgrading. 

Most commercial boilers have a respectful lifespan. It is often advised that most industrial grade boilers can last around 15 years. While this can very much depend on a number of factors including the aforementioned annual boiler maintenance and any potential accidents, most well looked after boilers will last a significant amount of time. 

Most older models of commercial boilers will lack energy efficiency. This can largely be attributed to a decrease in overall performance to aging. So if your boiler is over 15 years old, you might want to consider upgrading to a new model in the near future. 

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