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03 May 2022

Which Buildings Need Commercial Heating?

At Royale Boilers, our highly skilled heating engineers from Stoke-on-Trent service all manner of heating system types. One of their areas of expertise is, of course, commercial heating. 

However, there sometimes seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to which types of buildings exactly need this form of heating. So we thought it opportune to establish what constitutes a commercial building and in turn detail when the building might require a commercial boiler service. 

Office Buildings

When national COVID restrictions were eased last year, the work from home message was reserved and there was a mass resurgence in employees returning to office’s up and down the country. With this came an obvious renewed interest in commercial heating for the workplace. Afterall, no one wants a cold building in the winter.

Office buildings can often be pretty sizeable establishments, meaning standard boiler installation will not usually be sufficient. So if you happen to be the owner of an office building, you might want to consider investing in a new commercial heating system. Your employees will thank you for it. 


Slightly different to office buildings, schools have largely remained unchanged in terms of people attending. Even during the height of COVID, most pupils were attending but only with sufficient face coverings. This in turn means that we have been servicing schools on a regular basis over the last two year. 

Schools might not be the first establishments to come to mind when it comes to commercial heating, however, schools are usually bigger than offices meaning they will require a strong and powerful heating unit. 

When it comes to your children’s comfort and safety, you will want to know it is in safe and capable hands. Luckily, we at Royale Boilers offer premium quality commercial boiler services. In turns of repairs, we also have you covered. All of our heating engineers and skilled in commercial boiler repairs and they are fully gas safe registered. 


There are few more popular pastimes in the uk than going to the pub and enjoying a nice cold pint. But in the winter, when the temperatures are decisively less forgiving, it is paramount the pub has effective and reliable heating. 

Your trip to the local pub, especially in the winter at least, would not be as pleasant without commercial heating. 

Care Homes

Similar to schools, it might surprise some people to learn that care homes need commercial heating. When buildings are colder, it can be increasingly problematic for residents of care homes

If temperatures become too cold, it can pose a serious threat to the residents' health. This means you will want to make sure that the commercial boiler is regularly serviced and in perfect working condition to ensure this does not happen. 

Does Your Property Require Commercial Heating?

If you are an owner of one of these types of properties, you might require high quality commercial or industrial heating. If so, please get in contact with us. 

We can provide gas safety certificates and we maintain a consistent and undeniable quality across all of our services.